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GuangXi qiaowang pulp packing products co,.ltd

No.19,Changkai Road,Nanning Economic & Technological Development Area,Guangxi,China
Nanning, Guangxi 530031

Tel: +86-771-4518958
Fax: +86-771-4518919

Contact: Aidan MO, Manage
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Type of Business: Manufacturer, Exporter
Employees: 200
Year Established: 2002
Harmonized System Codes: 3924 4419 6911 6912 8215

Business Message

We are a Biodegradable Food Utensils Manufacturer in GuangXi, China. In recent years, the concept of environmental protection has gradually gained wide acceptance. Furthermore, technology advancement today has also improved the cost structure of environment-friendly material to the point that businesses can now adopt this practice to benefit the bottom line, as well as their corporate image. This has resulted in more businesses utilizing
Disposable Tableware of Biodegradable Plant Fiber and other recyclable merchandises to reduce the consumption of polymer or plastic ware.

We would like to introduce our products made from Natural Resources(Sugarcane Fibre). You can find our products feature & benefits as below:

1. 30-60 days Biodegradable, 100% realizing recycle
2. Waterproof to 100C and Oil Proof to 150C
3. Oven and Microwave safe. No poison substances acquit during
heat processing
4. Product shape can be retains even in an extreme low and high
5. No Chemical treatment, Non-Toxic
6. International Approval (U.S.FDA)


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